The polling aggregator gives the latest odds on the projected winner here in Newmarket-Aurora:

And here is the CBC Poll Tracker.

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The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce has cancelled next week's election debate citing logistical issues and the short timeframe.

The Chamber explains:

This is seriously bad news.  As I tap this out, this means there will be no debate in Newmarket open to the public where they can assess the merits of the candidates and see how they deal with being challenged on the issues.
Good grief! As a community and as a riding we are being short-changed.
Another casualty of this snap election called in the middle of a pandemic.
What a sad state of affairs that we can have a public debate on who should be the Mayor of Newmarket but not one on who should represent us in the Parliament of Canada.
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Update on 10 September 2021 from Newmarket Today

The polling aggregator says Newmarket-Aurora is a toss-up between the Conservatives and Liberals.

Here are the latest odds of winning:

 And here is the CBC Poll Tracker.

Newmarket-Aurora’s former MP and now Liberal candidate, Tony Van Bynen, told us affordable housing would be one of his top priorities.

But the record shows he hasn't mentioned it in the House of Commons in almost two years.

Except once to say it was a priority.

I was hoping he would have explained by now the difference between “affordable rental housing” and “attainable rental housing”. (See right from his flyer) 

Is affordable housing attainable?

Is attainable housing affordable?

If attainable housing is affordable why not just say affordable?


Van Bynen made his first speech in the House of Commons on 11 December 2019 when he told fellow MPs that climate change, affordable housing, infrastructure funding, health care and a need for a long-term fiscal plan would be his priorities. He had earlier told CTV news that “preserving local heritage” would also be a priority. 

The Parliament of Canada website’s search engine allows constituents to find out what their MP has said and done in Ottawa and what their priorities are.

I see two references to climate change (on 20 April 2020) and one on infrastructure (on 26 January 2021). There are multiple references to health as Van Bynen sits on the Health Committee whose agenda has been dominated by the Covid crisis. There are no references to local heritage.

The 43rd Parliament has, of course, been atypical with virtual votes and virtual speeches. The pandemic has turned the world upside down.

After his election in October 2019 Van Bynen took a while to find his feet. That's fair enough.

But, after two years, perhaps he can tell us what his priorities now are and if they've changed. And, if so, why?

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We should be grateful to the Aurora and Newmarket Chambers of Commerce for organising Federal Election debates.  

The Prime Minister called the election in the shortest time allowed by law and everyone has been scrambling to catch up.

The Newmarket debate is, unfortunately, after advance voting has closed.

It is expected that at least one quarter of voters will have voted by 13 September 2021. This is one of the perils of calling a snap election on an truncated timetable.

The Aurora Chamber debate is this Wednesday, 8 September 2021 and will run from 4pm – 6pm.

The Newmarket debate is on Thursday 16 September 2021 from 12 noon – 1pm.

Both events are virtual.

Registration Free

Registration is free. You are asked to fill in the name of the registering organisation. Typing in “private individual” will do if that is what you are.

Once you have registered you will be sent a link.

You can register for the Aurora debate here.

And for the Newmarket debate here.

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