Ontario's Health and Long term Care Minister Christine Elliott is losing a big chunk of her responsibilities as long-term care is passed over to Dr Merrilee Fullerton and Michael Tibollo takes on mental health and addictions. 

Fullerton and Tibollo also join the inflated 28 strong Cabinet, with salaries and staff to match.

Elliott is delighted about the cut in her workload, effusively congratulating Ford earlier today and telling us she is looking forward to working closely with her new Cabinet colleagues.

Ford likes Elliott's congratulations!

Ford tweets that he likes the fact that Elliott is congratulating him! 

I don’t know if the burden of being Minister for Health and Long-term Care was too much for Elliott to carry alone. Maybe she asked Ford to lighten her load.

On 26 February 2019 Elliott was speaking about her new “People’s Health Care Act” lambasting the alleged fragmentation of the health and long-term care system she inherited. She told us:

“Too much time and attention is spent on maintaining a siloed and fragmented system… Right now care is fragmented, particularly at transition points, for example, from hospital to home care.”

“We envision a community-based health care delivery model that connects care - and includes primary care and hospitals, home care and long-term care, mental health and addictions supports, just to name a few.”  

Help required

She didn’t say then that she needed help to deliver her vision.

But she does. And she is grateful.

I shall be interested to see how the Ministry’s organisation chart is divided up to reflect all the new responsibilities and who deals with the inevitable overlaps.

Oops! Almost forgot. 

Caroline Mulroney was demoted.

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Background paper considered by York Region on 20 June 2019 on the health service restructuring as proposed by Christine Elliott. The map is here.

Update from the Toronto Star: The day Ford blew up his Cabinet to save himself. And how the Globe and Mail sees it.


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