Another Friday and another demonstration by the Common Ground people outside the constituency office of our MPP Christine Elliott, Minister of Health and Long Term Care.

She is of course never at her office on “constituency Fridays” but neither is our 68 year old ex-Mayor and wannabe Liberal MP, Tony Van Trappist. 

I think the old banker just wants another pension. 

Outside Elliott's office today (21 June 2019)

Newmarket's Citizen of the Year 2017, Jackie Playter, has repeatedly assured me that our putative Liberal MP for Newmarket-Aurora will be outside Elliott’s office, holding a placard aloft.

Personally, I can’t see it. 

The old banker protesting? About anything?

For months now I’ve been hoping to get a photo of him holding a placard outside Elliott’s office, talking to the demonstrators about their concerns. But he is never there. 

I suppose I could photoshop Van Trappist but it’s not the same as the real thing.

Jackie tells me she is not Van Trappist’s campaign manager though she is supporting him.

Good for her!

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