The long running soap opera - Di Muccio v Taylor - mercifully splutters to a close tomorrow with speeches from Taylor and Blommesteyn. The latter has been researching the law of defamation for years and is expected to cite the law at inordinate length in an attempt to browbeat the Judge.

As we all know, Di Muccio is demanding $5,000 from Taylor to compensate for hurt feelings, mental suffering and damage to her reputation.

It is worth noting President Di Muccio's action in the Small Claims Court has not cost her a penny. But the rest of us, through our taxes, will be paying a small fortune for this absurd litigation. The whole thing has been a circus from start to finish.

I hope this point is not lost on members of her little self-absorbed sect, the York Region Taxpayers' Coalition.

The trial comes on at 10am tomorrow, Wednesday 3 May 2017, in Courtroom 404.

I won't be there but my spies will insist on telling me all about it.

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