Yesterday, I sat through the first day of the trial at Newmarket's Small Claims Court.  

Former Newmarket Councillor Maddie Di Muccio is trying to extract $5,000 in damages from John Taylor for defamation and reputational damage.

Her action against Taylor has been dragging on for absolutely ages. She dropped her libel action. Then she amended her claim. It is time to put a line under it and end the circus.

And though she believes Newmarket Council has become

"a cesspool of failed Provincial candidates"

she should now move on with her life. She has tried twice for the Progressive Conservative nomination for the Provincial Parliament and both attempts have ended in bitterness and acrimony. There is not going to be a third time.

Queen's Park is not for her.

I can tell her now, having heard the evidence in its entirety, she will fail. No doubt about it. If she wants to save herself more mental suffering she should gracefully bow out and call it a day.

For those with the stamina to read more about Maddie Di Muccio, my blog on the trial is here. The background documents are here.

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Update on Sunday 12 February 2017.  Since posting this blog, I've come to realise just how difficult it is to locate the ad which Di Muccio placed in the Newmarket Era on April 10, 2014, using taxpayers' dollars. It is at the centre of the defamation action brought by Di Muccio against John Taylor.

The ad seems to have vanished completely from the internet. However, you can view it here in the bundle of documents submitted by John Taylor to the Court. (Open Di Muccio v Taylor, second from the top and scroll to page 36.)

Is this advertisement a proper use of public funds?

The York Region Taxpayers Coalition presumably thinks so.


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