The long running drama between Anthony Pullano and Magna’s community relations person, Steve Hinder, comes to Court tomorrow (20 November 2018) in front of a real live jury. 

What a jolly fellow!  Steve Hinder, Magna's man.

Four years ago Pullano claims he was assaulted by Hinder, a former police officer, who allegedly punched him in the chest, dislodging his pacemaker. Pullano was taken to hospital. The Auroran newspaper tells us his injuries led:

“to a “deterioration” in health including “loss of heart function, loss of sexual function, a loss of right hand function, and chronic pain and inflammation in his right hand and/or right arm.”

Doesn’t sound good.

Pullano pursued Hinder through the criminal courts for assault but the Crown concluded in May of this year there was no prospect of a conviction and the assault charges against Hinder were withdrawn.

Understandably, Pullano is unhappy. Undaunted, he decides to press ahead with his civil action against Hinder where he is, apparently, claiming $5m in damages, citing loss of enjoyment of life, loss of opportunity and mental distress.

I haven’t met the jolly Steve Hinder but he seems to be absolutely everywhere, smiling into the lens of every camera.

I suppose it shows what a sheltered life I lead never having run into the great man. 

Hinder is, of course, in favour of the destruction of heritage buildings in Newmarket’s old downtown so he is not my favourite person.

As for Pullano, he has demonstrated remarkable staying power. 

He is not going to forgive – or forget – that blow to the chest four years ago.

The trial starts at 1pm in Courtroom 402 at the Courthouse in Eagle Street and will continue at 9.30am on the days following.

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0 #1 Evelina MacEachern 2018-11-28 05:23
Nothing jolly about Steve Hinder... I believe the words/comments attributed to Hinder as reported on this site...

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