Late in the evening, Morad Dadgar's Monster House at 1011 Elgin Street floods the dark residential street with light. And there are still more LEDs to be attached to the front of the building.

This is a house that glows in the dark.  

Does the Town have any by-laws on light pollution?

Is it OK to subject next door neighbours to this brilliant display at any time of the day or night?

1011 Elgin Street featured in the recent Council Workshop on "Intensification in Stable Residential Areas". Astonishingly, it meets all the Town's rules and regulations. The crazy zoning by-laws say it is permitted to build such a huge structure in a street full of bungalows and modest two storey homes.

Years ago, the Town's most senior planning staff anticipated this kind of mega development. They knew it was coming unless they acted. But they sat on their hands, gazing out of the window. Doing nothing.

Councillors can choose to be guided by the Town's Director of Planning or by their own commonsense.

Would they want to be living next door to this dazzling confection of a building or not?


Tomorrow (9 April) councillors will consider a staff report on Paddytown, a stable residential neighbourhood.

Before slavishly following the staff recommendation, they should ask themselves if the proposed development of six semi-detached houses fits in - using the very same criteria they favoured on 26 March 2018 in the Council Workshop on intensification in stable residential neighbourhoods.

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