Friday 22 July 2022 was just like any other day.  

Except for that cough.

My voice had also dropped a thousand octaves making me sound like Vincent Price in one of these old black and white horror movies.

I knew that something was seriously amiss.

My temperature was 103.3°

You could have fried an egg on my forehead.

I slept for 12 hours straight.

Covid-19 Positive

A second Rapid Antigen test on Saturday morning confirmed what we already knew. I was positive.

Bad news.

York Region's Medical Officer of Health, Dr Barry Pakes, tells us we are now in the 7th wave and we have to keep our guard up. Here he offers advice on how to keep the dreaded virus at bay. (It is also the portal to Covid statistics)

I still don't know how I caught it.

I've been Pfizered four times - the maximum possible for someone of my age.

So now I am self isolating.

I don't feel too unwell. Just a general feeling of lassitude.

Looking out the window and waiting for Vincent Price to go away.

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