The fragile and tortured Maddie Di Muccio has withdrawn from the race to become the Progressive Conservative Party candidate for Newmarket-Aurora in the forthcoming Provincial election. 

In this curious article published today she infers she is the victim (there's that word again) of sexism in the PCs with a Committee of Party grandees asking her all sorts of inappropriate questions such as how she could possibly combine being an MPP with motherhood.

Of course, these kinds of questions are totally off-the-wall and smack of ancient prejudices. So why didn't she face the old grey-beards down?

I think her outrage is a tad contrived. There are lots of able and personable women who have succeeded in politics. But Di Muccio's problem is her poisonous personality which repels people even in her own Party. She says terrible unsisterly things about other women. The evidence is everywhere.

She says she had the support of the Party leader, Patrick Brown, who, when told of all these shenanigans, advised her to stick with it. But she didn't. She quit.

But why? If she had recruited zillions of new supporters her path to the nomination surely would have been clear.

Not smooth necessarily. But clear.

But no. She threw in the towel and lost the chance of gaining an important platform to promote and promulgate her views - zany though they are.

I honestly don't know if I am surprised by what has just happened.

Probably not.

I'd like to think I saw it coming.

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