Clock Tower developer, Bob Forrest, has told the OMB he wants his appeal heard "at the first available opportunity".

He says his latest appeal and the earlier one - which claimed his completed application had been lodged with the Town before the Heritage By-law had been enacted in 2013 - should be rolled up together and heard at the same time.  

Forrest's lawyer, Ira Kagan - who represented Marianneneville Developments at the Glenway OMB Hearing - complains Town staff have been dragging their feet, taking years to deal with the application.

Whoa! Not quite so fast.

This is a good example of Kagan's trademark bluster and swagger.

Forrest knew Town staff had significant reservations about aspects of his proposed development. As Forrest sought to accommodate these concerns, his project morphed over the years from nine storeys to six and finally settled on seven.

He thought he would bide his time, tweak the project as necessary and, eventually, with a few endorsements from important people, he would get his approval.

It didn't work out that way.

Staff concluded Forrest's final seven storey version could not be supported and brought forward their amended proposal. Both Forrest's proposal and the staff's recommended variation were rejected by councillors on 5 December 2016.

"Good planning"  Are you serious?

There is nothing in Ira Kagan's letter that comes as a surprise.

Even his contention that the proposed seven storey apartment block in the heart of the town's Heritage Conservation District represents

"good heritage planning"

didn't make me laugh as it might once have done.

These words are standard planning speak. A template to be used as and when the occasion demands.

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Updates will follow as more information becomes available.

You can read the appeal letter here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and open.


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