Read this first: Maddie Di Muccio refers to the anonymous blog NmktTownHall. This Nwmarket Town Hall Watch was a spoof and existed for a short period in 2014 in the run up to the October Municipal election. It had no connection with the similarly anonymous NwktTownHall which is alive and well and still publishing. (Nmkt = spoof. Nwkt = real)

Drama Queen

The tortured drama queen and wannabe PC MPP for Newmarket-Aurora, Maddie Di Muccio, is at it again.   

She claims the woman who was elected in her place as councillor for Newmarket's Ward 6 – Kelly Broome - only succeeded because of

"her despicable tactics".

Di Muccio says Broome's employer, Snap'd newspaper, was responsible for sending out "vile and disgusting smears" about her and her family in the run up to the Newmarket municipal election in October 2014.

So what does Di Muccio specifically allege?

She says that on 17 October 2014 Snap'd Newspaper Group was responsible for circulating via Canada Post 9,291 flyers from "Newmarket Town Hall Watch" which Di Muccio describes as "hate mail" which "smeared my family's reputation".

She says

(1) Kelly Broome is employed/contracted with Snap'd

(2) Snap'd Chief Executive, Paul Dutton, sent out "defamatory" flyers

(3) Dutton made a generous cash contribution to Kelly Broome's campaign for Ward 6 (the Ward Maddie Di Muccio represented at the time).

(4) A Snap'd owner, Steve Hinder, "helped chair her campaign".

Di Muccio alleges Kelly Broome "cheated, manipulated and lied her way into political office" without specifically itemising what Broome is alleged to have done.

Di Muccio must set out the facts that she relies on - not assertions or speculations. It is not enough to spray around allegations of wrongdoing. People who are named by her must know precisely what she is accusing them of.

Paul Dutton: the name in the frame

She says Snap'd Chief Executive Paul Dutton

- contributed to several political campaigns

- used Snap'd as an organiser for the PC Party of Ontario.

These are lawful activities.


But, importantly, Di Muccio claims politicians close to Snap'd

"benefitted from generous donations of Snap'd Newspaper Group and their CEO Paul Dutton"

and that

"Snap'd benefitted too because so much of their ad revenue now comes from those same shady politicians who won their seats in 2014".

The inference is they (the politicians) are corrupt. If she believes this, she must name names and explain the corrupt actions in detail. It is not enough to smear or suggest guilt by association.    

Di Muccio goes on to assert:

"considering the copious donations Snap'd Newspaper Group/ Paul Dutton doled out to winning Newmarket council candidates, such as their employee Kelly Broome, one speculates if Municipal Act rules were violated, since there are limits on spending".

Here she is, speculating again. Di Muccio says

"we believe Snap'd Newspaper Group may have violated election spending rules, we will be investigating it further".  

Election expenses validated by audit

Kelly Broome's Financial Statement detailing her expenses for the October 2014 election was professionally audited. The spending limit issued by the Town Clerk was $12,661.05. Broome spent $12,043.25.

So far as the Snap'd connection is concerned, Broome received a donation of $500 from its Chief Executive, Paul Dutton. She also benefitted from a half page ad in Snap'd with a declared value of $725.46

This story, in various forms, has been around for a long time. The real Nwkt Town Hall Watch tweeted in October 2014

Nwkt Town Hall Watch


.@maddiedimuccio my sources have linked @nmkttownhall to @tonyvanbynen and various local Masons. Will have concrete evidence to reveal soon.

2014-10-25, 4:17PM

I, for one, am still waiting for concrete evidence that the Municipal Act has been broken.

And if Snap'd did circulate a flyer, as alleged, Paul Dutton will, no doubt, wish to explain why.

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Note: Di Muccio talks of the flyer containing vile and disgusting smears. Seems pretty standard stuff to me given the nature of local politics at the time. Here (above right) is the related flyer that circulated in Ward 7 where Di Muccio's husband, John Blommesteyn, was seeking election.

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