The strange case of Di Muccio v Taylor returns to Court next week (Friday 28 October 2016 at 10am).  

In a nutshell, former Newmarket councillor and prima donna, Maddie Di Muccio, claims Regional Councillor John Taylor is guilty of defamation and that he intentionally inflicted “mental suffering” on her. She is demanding $5,000 in compensation for her hurt feelings.

You can read Di Muccio’s claim and Taylor’s defence here.

I try not to feel sorry for politicians. It doesn’t do them or the rest of us any good.

But Taylor doesn’t deserve this.

The case against Taylor is totally contrived and without merit. Di Muccio has a history of threatening court action against people with whom she disagrees (including me). She is famously litigious. She even brought a case against Newmarket Council alleging discrimination and she lost.

I have been following this psycho drama off-and-on for absolutely ages and I never, ever believed Di Muccio’s action would proceed to a full trial. I still find it completely baffling that a Small Claims Court judge allowed the matter to get this far.

Di Muccio served a claim on Taylor in June 2015 alleging Taylor’s remarks had made her “a target of ridicule, hatred and contempt of others”.  There was talk at one point that the action was “out of time” in that it was started outside the period specified in the legislation. Then in March this year a judge ruled the matter should go to full trial. I was astonished then as now.

As I tap this out, Di Muccio’s action against Taylor is still going ahead next Friday and has not been withdrawn.

Clearly, she is going for broke.

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