On Monday 15 June 2015 the attention seeking former councilor, Maddie Di Muccio, tweets:

 Maddie Di Muccio@MaddieDiMuccio Jun 15

Today I served court papers to Newmarket reg clr @_JohnTaylor for libel after a town report did not support his reckless allegation about me

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4:11 pm - 15 Jun 2015

In fact, according to papers filed in the Small Claims Court here in Newmarket, Maddie Di Muccio swore on oath that on 9 June 2015

“I personally served a written notice of libel to a grown up person at the Town of Newmarket located at 395 Mulock Avenue in Newmarket, Ontario.”

I have no idea who this “grown up person” is or how she found him or her at 395 Mulock Avenue when the Town Offices are located at 395 Mulock Drive.

Her absurd libel action will get absolutely nowhere. The delusional Di Muccio wants $5,000 from Taylor.

Di Muccio is in my considered opinion m’lud, a complete phoney and hypocrite, championing taxpayers as President of the York Region Taxpayers Coalition while using my “taxpayer’s dollars” to fund her vendetta against Tim Hudak.

She, the drama queen, and her angry husband, John Blommesteyn, come across as a truly pitiable pair.

She claims that Taylor:

“committed a tort when quoted as stating an untruth in the York Region Media Group Publication, the Newmarket Era, which did harm to Maddie Di Muccio and/or her reputation, by tending to make her a target of ridicule, hatred and/or contempt of others."

This is, of course, complete cobblers. She has been the author of her own misfortunes.

That said, I am genuinely concerned to read that “as a result of these false words (of John Taylor) Maddio Di Muccio had to seek police protection after being made a victim of harassment by a member of the public.”

We all hope the police catch this disturbed individual soon.

Personally, it would be a huge relief to me if she and her yakking husband, John Blommesteyn, would just fade away.

Is that fair comment? Or is it libelous?  

Don’t know. Don’t care.

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You can read the libel claim by opening "Documents" in the top left panel and navigating to "Correspondence". Open "Maddie Di Muccio's claim against John Taylor"

This blog was amended on 18 June 2015 to include reference to the $5,000 claimed by Di Muccio.


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