A terrific turn out at last night's meeting at Newmarket Public Library where members voted to turn Shrink Slessor Square into a non profit incorporated body.

Shrink Slessor Square is now well placed to champion the views of local residents who are opposed to Slessor's monster development opposite Upper Canada Mall.

The following members were elected to the Board: Bill Chadwick, Bob Leury and Gordon Prentice. Paul Popper has agreed to look after the accounts. 

Members donated $306 last night in $1 membership dues and in a hat that was passed around. Marvellous response!

Shrink Slessor Square now has 104 members who have paid their loonie to join. And they all have a say in determining our policy as a residents' group.

Over 180 people have also signed the Shrink Slessor Square petition. At the moment, there is not a huge overlap and we shall be working hard to sign up as members people who chose just to sign the petition.

We are open and inclusive and welcome everyone who shares our concerns about the Slessor project in particular and over development in Newmarket in general.

A note for your diary...

Bill Chadwick, on behalf of Shrink Slessor Square, will be addressing the Newmarket Council meeting on Monday 17 December 2012 at 7pm.

If you can get along to show support that would be great.