Here is the text of the Mayor's letter to Bill Chadwick (scroll to earlier posting) which was also copied to all Newmarket councillors

"Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.  I have asked staff to review the contents of your e-mail and I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Let me begin by saying that I am reminded the rights, responsibilities and obligations of all parties (including council, staff, the proponent, residents and the Ontario Municipal Board, as well as due process) are prescribed in the Planning Act. Additionally, the professional recommendations Council receives are based on the planning merits of applications under consideration as they relate to the provisions of the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaws adopted after extensive community consultation.

The following is staff’s response to the points you have raised.

Please be assured that the Town will not ignore zoning or any of the planning documents.  As you may be aware, the Slessor application is for a zoning by-law amendment.  Section 4.4.3 of the  Town’s Official Plan provides for the consideration of development that exceeds the density provisions of the Official Plan (Table 1) through the  zoning by-law amendment process, subject to the provision of appropriate studies and the Town’s analysis of conformity with the applicable planning documents.

Town staff has been undertaking this analysis as reported on November 19, 2012, and there are still a number of issues under review by staff, including transportation impacts, height and density.

Once staff has completed its professional assessment of these remaining outstanding issues, staff will prepare a report for consideration  by Committee of the Whole of Council on February 4, 2013.  At this time, you as well as other members of the community will be afforded an opportunity to address Committee before it takes a position on the application.

Based on all the information before it, Council will ultimately take a position that it feels represents conformity with the applicable planning documents and the collective public interest. 

With respect to your request to be a party to any future negotiations with the applicant, I suggest that you make that request formally to our legal counsel Ms Armchuk-Ball and Mr. Kagan on behalf of Dwight Slessor Holdings. 

Thank you for your continued interest.

Tony Van Bynen


Town of Newmarket


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