My spies tell me the trial date has now been set for 10 February 2017 at the Small Claims Court in Newmarket.

At long last the end of this ludicrous psycho drama is in sight.

Di Muccio's allegations of abuse of power, targeted malice and intentional infliction of mental suffering are totally absurd and risible. And then there are the claims of injurious falsehoods and breach of confidence and breach of privacy. 

It has always been my view that the Courts should never be used to settle old political scores.   

When she is not litigating, former Newmarket councillor, Matilde Di Muccio, is hard at work seeking the PC nomination for Newmarket-Aurora for the next Provincial election in 2018. The last time she went for the nomination she was blocked by the then PC leader, Tim Hudak, who believed she was sub-standard material.

It beats me why she, a PC parliamentary hopeful, still includes on her website an ancient testimonial from Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne:

"Maddie is an intelligent, passionate and able woman who will be a great addition to Newmarket's Town Hall. Her community experience, her leadership skills and her drive to bring positive change to those around her will make her a strong Town councillor. Her no-nonsense approach to problems will make her a leader."

These days, Di Muccio doesn't think much of Kathleen Wynne who said such nice things about her in the past - before she (Di Muccio) was elected.

Di Muccio sneaked on to Newmarket Council in 2010 with a majority of 37, taking 27.5% of the vote. After four years, the electors in Ward 6 had had enough and kicked her out, her share of the vote dropping to 24.6%.

Anyway... Maddie now insists:

"After 13 years of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne it's time for a new direction..."

If Maddie floods the riding association with new paper members and, against all the odds, gets the nomination everything will go south.

That will be the new direction.

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