Colleen Forrest, Bob's wife, will be asking councillors on Monday evening to reject the recommendations from the Town's own planners on the Clock Tower and "support our original application".       


The photo shows Bob and Colleen and Tony Van Trappist in happier times.

Tony has probably just told Bob that the Clock Tower is a great example of the intensification we need in the old downtown.

What fun!

On Monday night I think the Mayor ought to have Robert's Rules of Order close to hand. It is all getting a bit tangled.

Just to remind everyone here is the original application image and the reworked version from the planners that allegedly

"would not negatively impact the heritage attributes of the district".

There are 18 deputations including the one from Colleen Forrest.

The text of the deputation request can be viewed here. Scroll to agenda item 30.

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