It would save a lot of time and trouble if councillors showed their hand before Monday's crucially important Committee of the Whole meeting which will decide the future of the Clock Tower application.

John Taylor has already shown the way.

Now he has the final staff report and recommendations he says:

"I will not, and I cannot, support the current proposal for a seven storey development. It is simply too large for the site and for the Heritage Conservation District"

But he values our old friend "flexibility" and says:

"I will be proposing at the appropriate time that we, as a Council, take a formal position to support a maximum of four storeys at this site and throughout the entire Heritage Conservation District with a fourth storey subject to certain conditions." (My underlining)

He says four storeys would be allowed providing the development is not directly fronting Main Street. He says a set-back or development on a side street would be allowable.

Taylor says the amendment to the Heritage Conservation District Plan that he is proposing would require a staff report and public consultation. I dare say there will be graphics and visuals showing what Taylor's Main Street will look like.

But all that is for another day.

Time to slay the dragon

Monday's priority will be to slay the dragon, finally.

So, where do the other councillors stand? Chris Simon has a very useful piece in the ERA on-line. He tells us:

Ward 5 councillor, Bob Kwapis, will not support the proposal.

Kelly Broome will only accept a three or four storey development at the Clock Tower site.

Tom Hempen will not vote, declaring a conflict of interest as he has a business on Main Street.

Dave Kerwin is keeping his powder dry and will give his views after hearing Forrest and residents.

Tony Van Bynen, at his waffliest best, says it is still too early "to develop a final position on this". Give me strength!

Tom Vegh says any development must be "in sync with the area's unique character, driven greatly by its architectural features. The proposed development does not".

The views of Jane Twinney and Christina Bisanz are not quoted.

What happens if there is a tied vote?

If there is a 4-4 tie on Monday evening the planners' recommendation is lost.

Councillors can move an alternate motion if they so wish, independent of any staff recommendations.

So, on this one, it's not over til the fat lady sings.

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