The Town's Planning staff are recommending approval for Bob Forrest's condo in the heart of the Heritage Conservation District in Main Street. (See agenda items 3 and 24)  

We are told Forrest's re-submitted planning application for a Zoning By Law amendment should be approved subject to various conditions.

The planners want the height of the development fronting on to Main Street to be pegged to five storeys including step backs and the height on Park Avenue, including steps backs, to be capped at seven storeys.

On the one hand the Town's planners cite Provincial policy which promotes the desirability of "residential dwellings in the downtown core" and on the other they conclude that "the massing and height of the proposed development... would be in conflict with the heritage attributes of the Heritage Conservation District.."   

The recommendations from the planning professionals try to square the circle.

The Town's own planners have been working closely with the developer to come up with some kind of compromise.

The image at top reflects the planners' recommendation to councillors. The graphics would have been done by Bob Forrest's people.

A critique will follow.

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updated on 17 November to include images and further commentary.


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