Clock Tower developer, Bob Forrest, has doctored the record of his deputation to the Town's Committee of the Whole on 9 May 2016.

In the version posted on the Town's website before the 9 May meeting, Forrest's presentation had 28 slides.

Today, the record of the presentation has 26 slides with two pages saying these were intentionally left blank.

The original page 23 has been doctored and a new version appears on the Town's website.

The original page 24 has also been doctored.

The original page 25 disappears and some points are folded into other slides.

And the original page 28 in which Forrest proclaims he is the "Barbarian at the gate" has gone, no doubt after sober second thought. Forrest was alluding to a reference made in one of my earlier blogs.

A number of questions arise from this sleight of hand.

Which version is the official record?

This could be important if the Town approves Forrest's rental building and, in so doing, votes against its own Zoning By-law and Heritage Conservation District By-law, and residents are forced to seek a remedy at the OMB.

So, when was the doctored version submitted to the Town?

And by whom?

Were reasons given for the substitution?

Who gave permission for the doctored version to appear on the Town's website?

When was it posted?

Is it usual for documentation lodged with the Town to be subsequently amended?

At what point does the documentation become part of the official record?

Has this happened before at a Statutory Public meeting? If so, when?

I am in touch with the Town Clerk to seek answers to these questions and others.

In the doctored version, a slide appears saying this page has been "intentionally left blank".

This is completely dishonest. The slide should say:

"The original slide has been removed because we had second thoughts."

At the meeting on 9 May, Forrest said he had been asked to cut short his presentation to save time and, as a result, not all his slides were projected on to the big screen in the Council Chamber.

On the right is the original version, page 23. And below is the doctored version of page 23.






On the right is the original version of slide 24. And below is the doctored version of slide 24.
















Why the deception?

It's time for answers.

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