Bob Shelton, Newmarket’s Chief Administrative Officer, confirmed this afternoon (Thursday 18 June) that the Mayor receives remuneration from Newmarket-Tay Power. He serves as a Director by virtue of his position as Mayor of Newmarket. The Town appoints him.

The Municipal Act 2001 says any body that “pays remuneration or expenses to one of its members who was appointed by a municipality… shall provide to the municipality an itemized statement of the remuneration and expenses paid for the year.”

Bob Shelton tells me this information will now be included as part of the Town’s annual reporting.

The simplest way would be to include the details in the Statement of Remuneration and Expenses that, by law, has to be published annually in March.

Shelton, the sole director of Newmarket Hydro Holdings, is not remunerated.

Here is what the Mayor receives from Newmarket-Tay Power which is, of course, in addition to the salary and compensation he gets from the Town.


Regular Comp (Salary)

Per Diem



















When I first started looking into this I thought the Mayor may have waived the cash given that the Hydro directorship goes with the day job, but I was wrong on that one.

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