I see Toronto City Council is reviewing its Noise By-Law. Good for them. 

They say that in a city as large and vibrant as Toronto certain levels of noise are reasonable and reflect life in a densely populated city.

“The Noise By Law balances the city’s vibrancy with the needs of residents and visitors and provides time restrictions and sound level limits for various types of noise.”

They want Ford to increase fines

“for violations of modified exhaust and excessive vehicle noise under the Highway Traffic Act”

And they want the Province 

“to develop stricter and more specific regulations related to illegal after-market vehicle modifications intended to increase vehicle noise, including penalties for both vehicle owners and technicians that install such modifications…”

With Doug Ford in the driving seat, fat chance. 

Nevertheless, the City is consulting the residents to see what they want and that’s good.

Pet Hates

We all have our pet hates.

I have a big thing about thunderous, ear-splitting noise which is generated by unthinking people who are well aware of the discomfort they are inflicting on others.

From time to time I see a young guy roaring along Dawson Manor Boulevard with a bumper sticker which reads:

“Hated in my neighbourhood”

I am not surprised. He knows exactly what he is doing. 

This may not be the case with the Harley Davidson pensioners who phut-phut-phut past my front door all summer long.

I regularly yell at them from my front lawn as they roar away from the intersection at a majestic 10 mph and 150 decibels. 

Leaf blowers

And then there are the leaf blowers!

Last Fall, a neighbour of mine courageously confronted an ignoramus who was blowing huge piles of leaves from his garden onto the street where they would clog up the Town’s drains. 

Decibel Limits

Toronto is looking at options for setting decibel limits for leaf blowers and other power devices. And for further restricting the times when they can be used. 

Other jurisdictions do it.

Why can’t we?

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