Newmarket Council meetings always have a spot on the agenda for report-backs from our Regional Councillor, Tom Vegh. The Mayor, who also sits on York Regional Council, generally has a few words to say about what is happening there.  

Earlier today, the Mayor, John Taylor, invites Tom to give his report.  

Tom Vegh replies:

 “Thank you very much for the opportunity but there is really nothing to report this week. Thank you.”

Good grief! This has been one of the most momentous months I can recall. The future of York Region is on the line. Markham’s Mayor, Frank Scarpitti, called for the abolition of Newmarket and the other eight lower tier municipalities and the creation of a new megacity. Not to be outdone, Vaughan’s Mayor, Steven Del Duca, wants to see single tier municipalities in York which would be responsible for most if not all services.

Vegh did his last report back to Newmarket Council on 5 June 2023. York Region’s Committee of the Whole met on 15 June 2023 and considered an important report on fiscal sustainability. Members, including Tom Vegh, learned for the first time that Newmarket could have 15,000 new neighbours on land in King, just the other side of Bathurst. Oh, yes, and there will be a new acute hospital located there too.  

The York Region agenda included comments from King Township on the proposed Provincial Planning Statement which is at the centre of the current controversy over future land use planning. And there were comments from the Region’s Chief Planner.

There was a report on the potential dissolution of Peel Region and its impact on York Region.

There was an important report on housing and another on affordable housing

Clearly, there’s a lot of stuff happening that is passing Tom by.

“There’s really nothing to report.”

Like Tom, I am lost for words. 

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Postscript: Why doesn't Newmarket Council invite Southlake's Chief Executive, Arden Krystal, to brief them on her plan to have a second hospital campus in King? That's what I'd do. What is there left to hide?

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