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On Tuesday (20 September 2022) Regional Council candidate, Tom Vegh, told the Toronto Star he "received a handful of donations from developers in 2018" but had never been influenced by them. 

In fact, 78% of Vegh's campaign cash came from people intimately involved in the development industry and in the eco-system that supports it - people in the planning consultancies and so on. 

An eyewatering $33,150 came from development industry people including donations from Joanne Barnett (Vice President of the Kerbel Group and Marianneville which is developing Glenway and 600 Stonehaven); from Jeff Kerbel himself and Sam Reisman from the Rose Corporation which is involved in major projects in Town.

The full list, shown here and highlighted in yellow, is from Vegh's own Financial Statement submitted to the Town of Newmarket after the 2018 election as required by law.

I shall be making copies of Vegh's Financial Statement available to the public at the Chamber of Commerce "Meet and Greet" on 27 September at Doug Duncan Drive from 6pm-8pm.

Voters, if they so choose, will be able to ask Vegh to his face to identify the "handful of developers" who bankrolled him. I hope his answers are captured on cell phones.

The list of donors includes the movers and shakers in the development industry.

Tom Vegh sold out years ago.

He dances to their tune and has the brass neck to deny it.

And he refuses to defend his record in a public debate with me - chaired by someone of his own choosing.

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