The debate on who should be Newmarket's next Regional Councillor is on hold until Tom "on-the-take" Vegh tells me who is funding his campaign.

I am not prepared to go through the motions, setting out my platform, pretending this is a conventional run-of-the-mill election campaign until Vegh comes clean with the voters. 

Tom on-the-take Vegh pulled the wool over our eyes in 2018 and it is not going to happen again.

Does Vegh seriously believe his 2022 campaign is going to be a mirror image of 2018 when he carpet bombed the Town with election signs paid for by developers?

Is he going to go into overdraft to fund his election campaign and then turn to developers again to bail him out?

Is he going to be honest with the voters?

We need to know.

I sent this to Tom Vegh yesterday:

Good morning Tom

I hope you are well and are looking forward to the campaign ahead.

It is now over a month since I wrote asking you to join me in refusing donations from people intimately connected with the development industry.

You told me you would not answer my question because I was a candidate and we were in the campaign period.

Quite frankly, that’s not good enough.

Over the next six weeks you will not be able to avoid the question of who is funding your campaign and I would urge you to come clean now. We can then move on to other matters.

But, until you answer, I am not moving from this issue of who funds you. It is absolutely fundamental.

Are you soliciting money from development industry people as you did in 2018? And if you receive money unsolicited from development industry people will you accept it?

These are not difficult questions to answer.

If you remain silent, I predict you will have a very long line-up at your table at the Chamber’s Meet and Greet on 27 September 2022.

People will want to know who is funding your campaign. And, at the same event, I shall be making your 2018 Financial Statement available to those who want it.

I am copying this to Joseph Quigley at Newmarket Today and Lisa Queen at the ERA.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes


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