Newmarket's delightful Main Street is about to get an unwanted make-over.

The Clock Tower Development, if councillors give it the go ahead, will superimpose a brutal new addition to the skyline in one of Newmarket's most historic areas.

The Town's discredited Official Plan says

"Improvements to the Historic Downtown in the form of infill development, upgrading and rehabilitation shall be encouraged, including the rear of buildings which are visible from the street, at a scale that retains the historic character of the area."

We shall see if there are any councillors out there with the nerve to tell us it fits in nicely.

Here are the concept drawings from the Forrest Group. The development's massive bulk is completely out of scale with surrounding buildings and it should be thrown out for this if for no other reason.

There will be a public meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 3 April 2013 at the Community Centre, Doug Duncan Drive, Newmarket Commons. Come along.

Here is the view from Main Street 










 and here is the view of the back of the development as seen from the Old Town Hall


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