My spies tell me the Newmarket-Aurora PC riding association has seen a wave of resignations following the "selection" of Charity McGrath as their candidate in next year's provincial election. They believe McGrath cheated and stole the election.

As regular readers will know, I am not a Progressive Conservative but I am happy to comment on their internal battles. In political parties, as in life, I prefer fair play over skullduggery.

My spies say disgruntled PCs are resigning in droves because they cannot bring themselves to support the candidate or, indeed the party, "given the ethics".

Bad move

This is a seriously bad move. 

The resignations will be a one week wonder, reported fleetingly by the local press and then immediately forgotten by the wider public. 

And without internal opposition, the new candidate will cement herself in place, impossible to dislodge.

She is already out-and-about, getting herself a profile. (Photo: with Patrick Brown at the Aurora Street Festival.)

The PC MPP hopeful in Hamilton, Vikram Singh, has already gone to Court, alleging dirty tricks. His application will be heard in the Ontario Superior Court in Hamilton tomorrow.

The Newmarket-Aurora PCs who are angry and upset should stick in there and let events take their course.

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