The Rose Corporation - the people behind the King George School Lofts and Town Homes - are planning a huge new development off Davis Drive at 175 Deerfield Road, Newmarket.

The 4.4 acre development site is next to their 15 storey rental building going up at 212 Davis Drive.

The site is currently industrial but the Rose Corporation is planning a major residential development of more than 500 units. 

They are still at preliminary design stage but say the project may include purpose built rental apartments, condominiums, and freehold town homes.

The Rose Corporation has been asked by Newmarket councillors to take another look at their King George development on Park Avenue to see if they can increase the distance between the renowned heritage home at 182 Church Street and the Townhouse development.

On Monday, councillors agreed a site specific zoning application setting the distance between the heritage home and the townhouses at 7' 5" - blowing apart their own zoning standards in the process.

But apparently that's what zoning standards are there for.

To be amended.

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