We are told a picture says more than a thousand words. So let's test the proposition. Here is 1011 Elgin Street at the time of its sale on 8 October 2015.










And this is what 1011 Elgin Street looks like today.














And here (below) are the immediate neighbours to the left of the Monster Home on the same side of the street.










I am left wondering how we got from A to B.

With this new Monster Home invading the street and setting the precedent, I should imagine the rest of Elgin on the north side will, given time, fall like dominoes.

It is all very strange. I recall the discussions about construction at Glenway and how new buildings and their immediate neighbours should, if at all possible, be like-with-like.

Clearly, on Elgin Street like-with-like wasn't part of the conversation.

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