I promised myself not to feel sorry for them but, increasingly, I do. 

I noted three years ago they were made for each other.

 They see swirling conspiracies everywhere. People are out to frame them and defame them.

Now he is commenting at length on my recent blog about Snapd and its intervention in the municipal election in 2014. He is, once again, unhappy with the world.

I suspect I may soon see him panting and wobbling up my drive to hand deliver some document from the Newmarket Small Claims Court, accusing me of some calumny or other and claiming $25,000 in damages.

This is what he does when he is not selling insurance.

In the meantime, the days will pass and it will soon be 10am on 10 February 2017 - the date of their next rendezvous at the Small Claims Court in Eagle Street.

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