Details of the proposed new GO Rail Station at Mulock Drive are being presented to the Metrolinx Board meeting today (Thursday 8 December 2016).

The "concept drawing" shows grade separation with the rail tracks going underneath Mulock Drive. There will be two pedestrian underpasses under the tracks.

The drawings also shows a bus loop and parking for 550 vehicles. There is also a passenger pick up and drop off (PPUDO) with 40 spaces.  

You can read the Metrolinx report on parking and station access here. It sets out a general approach.

There is nothing to show the possible co-location of bus and rail stations. This is an issue that simply must be addressed either at Mulock or at the Newmarket station at the Tannery. The Newmarket GO Bus Terminal on Eagle Street West and Davis Drive is 1.4 miles away.

The Metrolinx reports talks of the following considerations which it says are relevant:

Interplay of factors influencing station location: property acquisition, creek and environmental considerations, hydro, electrification infrastructure, track alignment, grade separation at Mulock Drive

Efforts will be required to achieve strong urban design and walkable neighbourhood with a road-over-rail grade separation

Assessment of sewer and water capacity in the area required  

YRT servicing of site (on-street or in-station) to be determined  

The Town of Newmarket has committed to implementing transit supportive planning regimes around a Mulock GO station, and is exploring planning options to establish such a regime around the station site, recognizing that a re-examination of current land uses and densities in the station area are warranted. 

More development in the Mulock area will push land prices higher. And, of course, the Town's population forecasts will have to be revised upwards. 

Over a year ago I urged Newmarket Council to purchase the land now earmarked for the new rail station when it came on the market for under $8m. But the opportunity was lost.

$8m is nothing for a Town the size of Newmarket. It would buy, say, six houses in Stonehaven.

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See the Metrolinx new stations report here. The procurement package update here. And the new stations presentations here.

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