Yesterday, in his campaign blog, Ward 5 hopeful Tom Pearson tells us:

 Main St. Clock Tower Developers Revamp Plans

I have asked Tom to explain in what way the developer has revamped his plan compared to the application that was submitted to the Council months ago.

I helpfully give him the link to the Town’s website where the details of the application are posted. I shall let you know what he says as soon as I hear from him.

Sincere but misinformed

Tom comes across as sincere (his campaign slogan is “I really do care”) but he is, alas, woefully misinformed. 

Material which has been in the public domain for ages is a revelation to Tom. Where on earth has he been these past months?

Our well-meaning but credulous candidate has swallowed the Forrest development proposal hook, line and sinker.

Five storeys “not plausible”

Tom says he was in discussion with Colleen Forrest (Bob’s wife). Tom tells her he thinks the OMB might go for five floors. Why couldn’t the Clock Tower go down to five? She tells him “it was not plausible” and “they’ve already revised it to the lowest possible footprint manageable”.

She tells him five storeys is not on the table. Fair enough, says Tom.

Tom says the development would be built on “hard glacial till found 45 ft deep”. This is an interesting little nugget of a factoid and we all wait for further details.

Tom says the Forrest Group used the services of

“a respected Historical Architect, Chris Borgal of Goldsmith, Borgal and Company… and (I) am satisfied it’s (the proposed development) being built in accordance with the Heritage Conservation District guidelines”.

Wrong again.

The Heritage Impact Assessment from Goldsmith Borgal and Company Ltd, Architects, commissioned by Forrest makes it clear that the proposed development does not meet the Heritage Conservation District Plan in terms of height restrictions.

220 inquiries

Tom goes on to tell us that the development, if it ever gets built, will be a condo. Apparently there were “over 220 inquiries from a mix of younger and older residents for condo units”. He doesn’t tell us how many wanted rental or “a mixed housing model” which is his preference.

Tom concludes by telling us:

“I can stick to holding my vote at 3 floors, however that initial plan was made not knowing all the variables we know today, including the ability to build underground parking spots and traffic studies indicators that seem to show it can be handled.”

The “variables” that Tom has only now discovered have been part and parcel of Bob Forrest’s toxic plan for absolutely ages.

No point mincing words.

Tom Pearson’s endorsement of the proposed Clock Tower development is, I am afraid, utterly worthless.

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