Bill Fisch, the former unelected Chair of York Region, has been appointed to the Board of Metrolinx as a part-time director.

He will serve a three year stint until 29 September 2018 and will be at the centre of things as key decisions are made about Regional Express Rail and the Barrie corridor which slices through his former bailiwick.

As a Board member, Fisch will have to make do with a modest $200 per diem.

This is hair shirt territory for Fisch who received an eye watering $224,275 in remuneration in his last year at the helm of York Region.  He also received pension, health and other benefits of $39,150 and claimed expenses totalling $6,828.

Fisch was famously “hands-off” during the York Region transit strike which dragged on for months in 2011.

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