I see that the litigious and delusional former Newmarket councillor, Maddie Di Muccio, is back in Court tomorrow trying to get a pound of flesh from the Era. The newspaper had the temerity to publish a report on her predilection for spending public money to settle private scores

Her rotund husband, John Blommesteyn, condones her indefensible actions saying the accusations are all “lies”.   This is entirely in character for a man who shakes his fist at the Moon.

The Settlement Conference is being held in room 2002 at 1.30pm at the Small Claims Court on Eagle Street West. It is not open to the public.

Di Muccio v Taylor

The case of Di Muccio v Taylor is still undecided. The earlier hearing on 4 September 2015 was abruptly cut short by the irascible trial judge, Vincent Stabile, for reasons unknown to me.

It was thought the re-scheduled trial would come on tomorrow but 15 October is, apparently, simply the deadline for re-filing the paperwork. Taylor re-filed his defence with the Court on Monday of this week and now waits for a Court date.

I am astonished that Di Muccio’s action is still alive – so far as I know. I fully expected the President of the York Region Taxpayers Coalition to drop her libel suit against Taylor rather than lose and face a very public humiliation. There is simply no chance of Di Muccio getting the $5,000 damages she is claiming from Taylor who, she says, made her an object of ridicule and contempt.

She doesn't need Taylor's help to achieve that status.

The whole thing is a complete waste of court time.

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