Metrolinx will be giving its much anticipated presentation on Regional Express Rail to Newmarket councillors at the Committee of the Whole on Monday 9 November 2015.

Metrolinx gave an update to York Region councillors on 10 September. The slides and commentary can be found in documents. (Top left panel and navigate to Metrolinx).

Remarkably, no-one present at that meeting asked the obvious questions - whether the Barrie line would be twinned tracked along its length or if the railway corridor would have to be widened at any point. I hope these matters will be addressed in November if there is still any uncertainty.

Councillors will also want to ask for an update on grade separations (how many, where and when) and the possible inclusion in Metrolinx’s plans of a new GO rail station at Mulock Drive.

We should enthusiastically welcome this huge civil engineering project and the thinking behind it. But the Town needs to be proactive and not just sit back and wait to be told what to expect.

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