Double tracking the entire Barrie corridor is on the agenda. Quite literally.

The agenda for Tuesday’s meeting of the Metrolinx Board (22 September 2015) tells us the environmental assessment for double tracking the Barrie corridor is underway and approval is expected in December 2016.

The corridor is also to be electrified in its entirety.

Tuesday’s agenda also sets out the methodology for assessing and selecting new GO rail station sites. Mulock Drive is shown on the long list.

If the Town is serious about getting a new GO rail station at Mulock Drive then planning chief Rick Nethery and his department better start rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in.

Where exactly do they want the new rail station to be located? What, if anything, are they doing to safeguard land that might be needed?

Have they got beyond drawing a circle on a map?

Time to get moving.

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And, one other thing. The Council's decision on Monday 14 September to allow a development on 28 townhouses a stone's throw from the rail track at Silken Laumann Drive should be revisited.

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