I receive an email from a familiar name in the Newmarket Twitterverse telling me that Di Muccio v Taylor is being heard in the Small Claims Court so it is “no big deal”.

On the contrary, it is a very big deal indeed. Don’t let the radio silence fool you into believing it is something of very little consequence. Although the amount claimed in damages by Di Muccio ($5,000) is relatively small beer, the cost to her reputation as a “champion of taxpayers” will be very high indeed. She has been threatening to take all sorts of people to Court for years, including me, and now it is actually happening.

It is clear the settlement conference held on 28 July 2015 didn’t resolve anything and the matter now goes to trial as soon as Di Muccio asks the Court to fix a trial date and pays the appropriate fee which is, I think, $100. As I understand the rules, Di Muccio has 30 days from the date of the settlement conference to do this. So the deadline by my calculation is 27 August 2015.

Meanwhile I see that Di Muccio is taking steps to prevent the occasional casual observer like me from reading her acidic tweets. To read them from now on you must become a “follower”. But when I decide to follow the President I discover I am blocked.

How strange.

That's no way to change the world.

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