The Glenway Lessons Learned report has now been published by the Town of Newmarket. You can download it here.

The report by the independent facilitator Glenn Pothier makes no recommendations as such but is, according to a covering note by Newmarket staff, a “descriptive session summary” of the lessons learned meeting on 23 June 2015.

Glenn Pothier captured a thousand suggestions – some mutually contradictory – and no attempt was made to rank them in order of importance. Such focus as there is comes on pages 17, 18 and 19 of the report; the key lessons learned. There is enough here to stimulate a productive debate in public amongst councillors. Those elected officials present at the June meeting kept their views to themselves.

It is now their turn to tell us what they have learned.

It is open to any councillor to ask for the report to be put on the agenda of a forthcoming Committee of the Whole.

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The Pothier report and other Glenway material can be found in the "Glenway" file of this website. Open "Documents" in the panel top left and navigate to Glenway.

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