Maddie Di Muccio's doomed libel action against John Taylor gets under way at the Small Claims Court tomorrow (Tuesday 28 July).

A Settlement Conference which aims to resolve matters between the parties will take place at 1.30pm in room 2002 at the Superior Court of Justice at 50 Eagle Street West. If there is no agreement tomorrow the matter will proceed to a full trial.

Settlement Conferences are not open to the public, unlike the trial itself.

Di Muccio, a former Newmarket councillor and currently President of the York Region Taxpayers Coalition, launched an ill-advised action for libel against Regional Councillor John Taylor. She is demanding $5,000 in damages to compensate for alleged injury to her reputation. You can get the background to the story here.

Earlier, in a bizarre series of tweets on 7 July 2015, President Di Muccio seems to suggest that a Freedom of Information request vindicates her and that there was no evidence of her placing an ad while seeking the Provincial PC nomination. She placed the ad – using public money – after she had been blocked by Tim Hudak.

Maddie Di Muccio@MaddieDiMuccio

I've submitted many FOI's over the years to the @TownofNewmarket. The one I received today was the best one yet.

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6:17 PM – 7 Jul 2015

Instead of referring us to the FoI request, inexplicably she points us to a post by her husband, John Blommesteyn:

Maddie Di Muccio ‏@MaddieDiMuccio

FOI report: "no evidence of personal legal advice; no record of ads while seeking nomination" 

6:15 PM – 7 Jul 2015

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Then, to round things off, she talks about exposing liars who are trying to make her look bad.

Maddie Di Muccio@MaddieDiMuccio

Thank you Internet. Tonight's lesson of exposing liars who attempt to make others look bad was well received, and should serve as a warning.

7:13 PM – 7 Jul 2015

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Make of that what you will.

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