The OMB today confirmed that my request for a review of the OMB’s decision on Glenway cannot proceed.

In an email, the OMB’s case co-ordinator for Glenway, Tome Kondinski, confirms that under the OMB’s Rules of Practice and Procedure (110-119) non-Parties cannot appeal a Board decision.

“… only Parties are afforded the right to seek a request for review of a Board decision and no other avenue is open to non-Parties in the foregoing.”

This is very disappointing. Perhaps the forthcoming wide-ranging review of the OMB will consider third party rights. I hope so.

The Parties to the OMB Glenway Hearing in March and April 2014 were: Marianneville Developments Limited; Town of Newmarket; Glenway Preservation Association; Region of York and the York Region School Board.


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