Earlier today I wrote to the. OMB in these terms: 

It is now almost 8 months since the OMB adjudicator, Susan Schiller, gave her oral decision on the Glenway matter. We are still waiting for the detailed written decision.

In the meantime, memories fade, Councillors retire and the world moves on in a thousand ways.

For these reasons and others, I find this delay unconscionable. 

With the municipal elections behind us, I can see no conceivable reason for further paralyzing delays.

I do not know if this foot dragging is particular to the Glenway case or, indeed, to Ms Schiller or whether these delays are systemic.

Either way, I should be grateful if you would let me know how many OMB written decisions are still outstanding eight months after the oral decision. 

I would also appreciate some guidance on where I would find statistics on OMB performance against targets (if these exist).

I am copying this to my MPP, Chris Ballard.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Gordon Prentice

And I received the following response:

Mr. Prentice,

I would like to inform that the Ontario Municipal Board (the “Board”) has issued its written decision on November 18, 2014.  A hard copy of the written decision has been sent to you by regular mail and you should receive it within the next few days.

 As to your questions and concerns with respect to the timing of the issuance of Board decisions and statistics pertaining to performance targets regarding the foregoing, I am not in a position to provide you with this information.  For these types of questions and concerns, please direct them to Mr. Carlo Falletta, the Board’s Citizen Liaison Coordinator.  I have taken the liberty of copying Mr. Falletta on this email.


Tome Kondinski


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