At the last election in Newmarket’s Ward 6 in 2010 there were five candidates in the field. Maddie Di Muccio sneaked home with 27.5% of the vote. The runner up, Joe Persechini, was breathing down her neck, 37 votes behind.

A few days ago, she acknowledged for the first time that if she loses Ward 6, she will be sticking around – minus, of course, her $47,000 councillor salary. She will still be keeping an eagle eye on the “Old Boys Club” watching out for any transgressions.

@horses and beer I’ve always found it fascinating that they believe unseating me will make me “go away.” Quite the contrary.

11.03pm – 21 Oct 14

Since her election Di Muccio has carved out a reputation of sorts, mostly for trashing others. Indeed, her most acidic vitriol is reserved for fellow conservatives.

@sashalou2012 @dlkyorkeditor of course not. Dirty politics attracts bottom-feeding scum like @darrylwolk. I stay far away from that poison.

8:32am - 11 Mar 14

No-one should trust a word Wolk says:

+1 "@horsesandbeer @sashalou2012 @csimonwrite Any news outlet relying on @darrylwolk for an article has their integrity lowered immediately"

7:55am - 12 Apr 14

 Furthermore, Wolk is a disgrace

@jimb582 thks for being a good friend. Wolk is a complete disgrace to the political forum; brings a stunning lack of respect towards others.

4:44pm - 3 Jul 14

To the outside observer this seems a bit harsh on Darryl Wolk but, to be fair, he gives as good as he gets.

@MaddieDiMuccio has same 5-6 trolls supporting her. Career is over. I can’t wait until Newmarket fires this toxic human being on October 27

10.46pm – 14 April 14

And, for good measure he sticks the knife in and twists:

@Maddie Di Muccio Playing victim card a bit much and getting old. You are a master of lies, threats, dirty politics and personal attacks!

10.36pm – 14 Apr 14

Ooooh! However, it is slightly more complex than that.

Di Muccio believes conflict in politics is, on occasions, inevitable.

Sometimes a political party needs to have a civil war to mature.

12.42am – 8 Mar 14

But if Ontario conservatives still refuse to acknowledge her sterling qualities, perhaps a new political party is needed. She muses

We need Wildrose Ontario.

10:06pm - 19 Mar 14

She woos her Twitter followers with toe-curling homespun philosophy which produces gems like this:

We find ourselves through our love of others.

12:41am - 17 Jan 14

She directs her venom at her fellow councillors, calling on her followers to help her get rid of ALL of them at Monday’s election. At the same time she tells the rest of us that divisive politics is bad politics.

@anthonymarco agreed. There is more to be gained by working together. Divisive politics is never a winner.

11.34am – 19 Feb 14

Her phoney tweets to her 3,043 Twitter followers gush intimacy ;-) yet comment that is remotely critical is blocked.

She sees herself as a winner with star qualities:

@Bee_Fowlow @Dennis2ride Maturity. Wisdom. Consistent focus. These are qualities of winners.

8:00am - 14 Mar 14

And without a trace of irony she tells her followers

@mistervermin @TraceyKent twitter attracts nasty, angry people sometimes.

3:31pm - 14 Mar 14

But Twitter still has a value in letting us sift the wheat from the chaff. She tells us:

Communication on Twitter is important. One's character can either be truly revealed or truly concealed.

4:58pm - 15 Sep 14

Di Muccio’s Tweets allow us to understand part of her persona. But a few of her longer, more considered, posts are delicious and need to be savoured.

Over two years ago, on 1 September 2012, when her husband was secretly buying up Tom Vegh domain names and gaming the search engines to direct traffic to her website, Di Muccio told us what makes a good politician:

“I believe the ingredients that make up a good politician are very simple: a strong work ethic, common sense, vision and a high moral fibre. On the other hand, the recipe for scandal has just one ingredient: a weak sense of knowing what is right from wrong. When a politician lacks moral fibre, the public has the right to know about it.”

Her husband’s ears must be burning.

But Blommesteyn has a thick skin. He tells us that yesterday (23 October) was “a dark day” for him. He discovers that an employee at the Ministry of Transportation office in Newmarket has been allegedly handing out material critical of him and his campaign for election in Ward 7. He also rails against an anonymous new spoof of Newmarket Town Hall Watch which metronomically fires critical tweets of Maddie into cyberspace every few hours.

Blommesteyn, a born complainer, forgets the old maxim:

“He who seeks equity must come with clean hands.”

For her part, Di Muccio is beside herself with fury. The shenanigans at the Newmarket office of the Ministry of Transportation is seen as proof positive that the Old Boys are out to sabotage Di Muccio's and Blommesteyn's political careers.

Seems to me they don’t need any outside help.

Three days to go.


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