The details of the Ontario Municipal Board’s decision on the controversial development of Glenway is expected within weeks.

At the OMB Hearing on 23 April 2014, the adjudicator, Susan Schiller, found in favour of the developer, Marianneville, saying her written decision would follow.

The OMB tells me decisions are usually released between 45-60 days of the final date of the Hearing “although it could be a bit earlier or later”.  We are now on day 77.

Thanks to Maddie Di Muccio and Chris Emanuel, we have been promised a “lessons learned” meeting once the OMB’s written decision is available. So I hope suitable arrangements are being made by Newmarket staff.

I am sure Glenway people and others will have a zillion questions. Personally, I’d to know why the Glenway hearing was boycotted throughout by the Town’s most senior planning staff. In one of the most controversial planning issues ever faced by the Town, not a single planner from the Town dropped in to say hello.

There has been much comment on the cost of going to the OMB but much less on the appallingly inadequate performance put up by the Town. Modesty aside, I think I could have done a better job. 

For those reasons and others, I think it is still touch and go whether the promised “lessons learned” meeting will ever take place – notwithstanding the Council’s formal decision.

The day after Schiller’s decision (24 April) I wrote to the Mayor, Tony Van Bynen, urging him to organise a public meeting. I told him:

“If this can be arranged, say, before the end of June I shall donate $100 to a local charity of your choice.”

I don’t recall ever receiving a reply but – deadline aside - the offer still stands.


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