It has been a strange election campaign.

The CBC’s Matt Galloway asks the Globe and Mail’s Ontario political correspondent, Adam Radwanski, why voters seem so disengaged. Admittedly, it is difficult to feel enthusiastic about what is on offer.

The Globe and Mail predictably has come out in favour of Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives but in a half-hearted way. The paper wants a minority Conservative Government.

It is no surprise the Toronto Star is backing the Liberals for all their flaws. Andrea Horwath’s NDP is the big loser.

Her “making life affordable campaign” has been truly woeful.

Like many, I figured that when she triggered the election she would have a detailed plan ready to put before us. She has had years to work out attention-grabbing policies on the big issues. Alas, there was nothing there. Just a big black void where policy should be.

In 2007, when Tony Blair was forced out of Downing Street by his long time colleague, Gordon Brown, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, everyone assumed (me included) that Brown had a sophisticated and well thought plan for Britain. After all, he had been manoeuvering behind the scenes for years to get rid of Blair. In fact, there was no plan for Britain. Only a plan to get into Downing Street. Brown proved to be a disastrous PM and only lasted a few years before losing in 2010.

In the same way, judging by the NDP’s timid six page programme, Andrea Horwath has no plan for Ontario.  Just a plan to increase the number of NDP ridings – and even that prospect may be slipping away.  It is no surprise the NDP is trailing so badly.

Many voters, who don’t like what they are hearing from Tim Hudak, will vote tactically to keep the PC out of Government, with the NDP vote haemorrhaging to the Liberals. Whether Liberal inclined voters in NDP ridings will reciprocate is a moot point given the tension between Horwath and Wynne.

Calling someone corrupt crosses a line. The relationship is poisoned forever. Once said, it’s out there. You can’t put it back in the box.


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