I am told the second Newmarket-Aurora candidates’ debate will be held on Saturday 7 June 2014 from 3pm-5pm at Aurora Town Hall. The event is hosted by the Auroran newspaper.

I hope all the candidates show up. An empty chair tells the voters a candidate is simply not serious.

Elsewhere… we read that tonight’s Leaders Debate (Tuesday 3 June) is more likely to solidify opinion where it now is rather than move it.

If so, this will be bad news for Andrea Horwath who, perhaps with good reason, has received unremittingly hostile press coverage since the election writ dropped.

And, if there were any justice in this world, Tim Hudak would be skewered on his faulty Million Jobs math. 

Curiously, despite all the furious talk of scandals, past and present, nothing seems to be sticking to the Teflon-clad Kathleen Wynne who floats through the campaign, ever smiling. 

9 days to go.


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