Yesterday, we learn from the Toronto Star that Andrea Horwath promises to publish the full NDP platform “within a week”.

And not before time.

Horwath has taken a lot of stick over her unwillingness to disclose the NDP’s programme given she triggered the election in the first place.

Today (Sunday) the NDP put out an ad criticising the Liberals for wasting “tax-dollars”.  True, the Liberal record is a legitimate target but people also want to know about the alternatives and what else is on offer.

Andrea Horwath cannot continue with her dance of the seven veils, dribbling out policy announcements day by day, without exasperating the commentators, the pundits and – more importantly – the voters.

Meanwhile, PC Leader, Tim Hudak, promises to build more roads, scrap LRT projects and run more frequent GO trains.

Kathleen Wynne takes the day off.

25 days to go.


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