Kathleen Wynne gives three Liberal candidates a dressing down after posting “inappropriate comments”. We are told they are all contrite.

Things said on social media, perhaps in the heat of the moment, leave footprints that don’t go away. They can follow you around for years.

We have some beautiful examples here in Newmarket where there is a treasure trove of material.

The animosity between Newmarket’s Ward 6 councillor, Maddie Di Muccio, and her nemesis, Darryl Wolk, is available for all to savour (if you like that kind of thing).

On 14 March this year, at 8.32am, pushing her Corn Flakes to one side, Di Muccio tweets:

Dirty politics attracts bottom-feeding scum like @darrylwolk. I stay away from that poison.

On 14 April at 10.36pm, Wolk’s boiling resentment against Di Muccio erupts with this ferocious tweet:

You are a master of lies, smears, threats, dirty politics & personal attacks!

Having mulled things over for a further ten minutes, Wolk shoots this dart at Di Muccio, hitting her straight between the eyes:

I can’t wait until Newmarket fires this toxic human being on October 27.

But social media isn’t always a bear-pit.

The early-rising Progressive Conservative MPP hopeful, Jane Twinney, tweets in a happy, non-confrontational way. They are designed to leave a warm glow. They are full of fun! They are vacuous, not vicious.

Up with the larks at 6.12am on 8 May, Jane tweets:

Another day on the Campaign Trail… today is going to be a fun day again. Early start on this gorgeous morning. #keepingitblue #VoteTwinney

Another tweet, typical of the genre, leaves Jane’s keyboard at 7.26am on 5 May:

Looking forward to a busy day ahead on the Campaign Trail! Let’s get this Province back on track! #onpoli #pcpo #million jobs

You get the message.

Elsewhere on the so-called “Campaign Trail” Hudak touts tax cuts as part of jobs plan and promises he would never run a deficit.

The pollsters report that people are sceptical and his support is eroding but at least he has staked out a position and gets people talking.

Meanwhile the NDP focus on so-called “pocket-book” issues.

Horwath’s campaign has yet to catch fire. She is promising to cut out the waste from a bloated bureaucracy.

She puts the figure at $600 million. 

Oh dear! 

29 days to go.


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