Tim Hudak today promises to cut income tax tomorrow.

We are told the 10% income tax cut will be “phased in” after the PC Government balances the budget in 2016-17.

These are all fantasy figures. Just like the 100, 000 jobs cuts in two years. This target is unachievable. From one end of the political spectrum to the other, the 100,000 pledge is ridiculed.

Meanwhile, the NDP “slams the Liberals over auto insurance rates”. No surprises there. Horwath’s well-worn pitch is all about making life “affordable”. She could be re-running the last election.

Don’t expect anything new and different (and specific) from the NDP. Instead of challenging the other parties with fresh thinking there is a policy vacuum.

The NDP locally is selecting their candidate for Newmarket-Aurora tonight.

30 days to go.


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