The humiliation is complete as PC Leader and wannabe Premier, Tim Hudak, is “ushered off” a TTC subway car by transit police.

No permit. No photo op.

This exquisitely humbling “event” is picked up by the news media everywhere. A CBC video records it for posterity. The Toronto Sun reports the PCs blaming the unions. The Toronto Star talks about a campaign event going off the rails. The National Post is the kindest, saying the event was "almost" derailed. 

However it was reported, yesterday’s cock-up becomes a metaphor for Hudak’s campaign. Another day. Another gaffe.

And the Star tops it off with an editorial faulting Hudak’s math.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Wynne sails through a less-than-challenging interview with Matt Galloway.

Andrea Horwath is up in Thunder Bay prospecting for an extra seat or two and complaining the Liberals are “long on promises and short on delivery”. Unfortunately, the NDP platform is being dribbled out in stages to maximise media coverage. I still don’t have the long list of NDP promises.

Here in Newmarket, York Regional Council hopeful, Darryl Wolk tweets

@gordon_prentice To be clear, I have not endorsed anyone in the Newmarket-Aurora Provincial. Listening to issues, putting Newmarket first!

Then, for good measure, he tweets again:

@gordon_prentice I do not support cutting “non-teacher” positions. We must support special needs students. Our candidate should talk policy.

“Our candidate” is, of course, Jane Twinney.

On 11 March 2014 Wolk tweeted to his 3,744 followers:

For the record I plan to vote for @JaneTwinney in provincial election.

Now we know, that in the intriguing World of Wolk, that does not count as an endorsement.

31 days to go.


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