The left-leaning Toronto Star takes aim again at Andrea Horwath’s NDP. Columnist Rick Salutin tells his readers the NDP is selling its soul for a mess of populist pottage. I agree.

Horwath will have to start putting flesh on the bones pretty quickly otherwise she will be written off as a gadfly with nothing serious to say about anything that really matters. I want to be proved wrong but time is running out.

Meanwhile, here in Newmarket things seem to be hotting up. One of my spies tells me she spotted a lot of “blue” action at the corner of Mulock and Leslie at 8.20 on Thursday morning. She saw a cheerleader with pom poms and five people jumping up and down and waving PC signs, including Jane Twinney. (Is this true Jane?)

Jane – with the famous name - is an enigma. She won the PC nomination without a contest. Stephen Somerville pulled out saying his family had been threatened and the brittle Maddie Di Muccio self destructed.

Jane Twinney’s views may be unformed. Or, less likely, she may be keeping them from a curious public. That flashing smile coupled with bouncing cheerleaders and pom poms may be the right mix to win in Conservative Newmarket.

Some of Jane’s supporters think she is a closet Liberal. Darryl Wolk, who dreams of defeating Regional Councillor John Taylor, tweeted on 8 March 2014

PC nomination was a slap in the face to grassroots members and basic democracy. Win or lose we get a Liberal at Queen’s Park.

Again, after further reflection, Wolk tweeted on 21 March 2014

My opinion is Newmarket-Aurora ends up with a Liberal regardless of who wins in Newmarket-Aurora.

Does Jane Twinney want that kind of endorsement?

Does she give a toss what Wolk says? Probably not.

She has a fundraiser in Aw Shucks on Monday.  Maybe things will be clearer then.

33 days to go.


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